Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg Brings To 2fb #End2EndEncryption, A Human Trafficking Tool That Allows Anonymity To Criminals Who Comb The Internet Looking For Potential Victims. 
Those Bitches, Have They No Shame?
Facebook's PR feels broken
Becoming the villain.


First, the sequence of events (this Gizmodo piece is the best play-by-play):
Teen Vogue posted a very flattering article titled, How Facebook Is Helping Ensure the Integrity of the 2020 Election (for the unfamiliar, Teen Vogue has been doing some great political reporting and is considered a reputable platform for this type of story).
It was so egregious that people, right away, started questioning how objective could it really be.
Suddenly, a line appeared indicating it was Sponsored Editorial Content (meaning it was paid for by Facebook).
Then the line of it being sponsored disappeared, and it was attributed to a Teen Vogue journalist, who publicly denied having anything to do with it.
The article was then completely pulled from the Teen Vogue website.
Facebook stated that the piece was "purely editorial"
And then Facebook stated that it was part of a larger paid partnership deal (which involved sponsoring a conference as well).