African American Independent Public Domain
Duplicitous Racist Goon Squad

Why Would Even A Semi-Rational Person Trust Boule Overseers With Their 

Stockholm Syndrome Mentalities 

Who Aid In Creating Race Pimping Distractions And Mask Their Identities When They Visit This Website?
You Can Tell By 

Who They WORK For  

They Mean Nobody But Themselves Any Good And I'm Cool With That.


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Date: February 4th 2019 
Time: 03:30 EST

Place: #AAIPD Closed Group Located On 2Facebook

Public Declaration Of: Step-Off

Netflix's owner(s)
of the following Charges: 
 Continuous Deliberate Treachery  Against
African Americans via, Undervaluing African American Talent and Price Increases While Underserving OUR COMMUNITIES
 Treacherous Acts That Serve To Enslave These United States of America In A Manner That Is To The Physical And Emotional Detriment Of

We The People

You Folks Who Are Only Comfortable Cursing At Black People... 
Don't Play Language Police With Me, I Rarely Curse When Speaking To Black People Unless I'm Talking About The MOTHERFUCKERS So Please Kindly
Go Fuck Yourselves!

Rather than admit to their initial treacherous  racist acts, netflix enlisted the aid of 
Black Entertainers 
Who Publicly
"Shamed Mo'Nique"