This Web Host Site Has Consistently Performed At A Subpar Level: 
Integrity In Business... NONE

1. Regarding Website Security, There Is None.
2. Regarding Accessibility/Resolution To Customers Complaints/Issues, There Is None.
3. Regarding Consumers Being Forced To Advertise For Homestead Further With The Inclusion Of The Word "and" On The Copyright's Trade Mark Statement, Reprehensible, ... As Well As That "#CopyrightScam!"... I'm Not Interested In Selling Ur Product.

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4. Homestead Has Consistently Removed Many Of The Features That Originally Attracted Me To The Company... Plus The Lame Fontszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Homestead Refuse's To UPDATE!

5. Unfortunately, There Seems To Be An Abundance Of Greed And Cowardice To Go Around Among The Company's  Kardashianized Owners... How Many Feedback Forms Am I Expected To Fill Out, Anyway... Huh?

MOTHERFUCKERS, I Pay For This SHITTY Service... 
DO NOT PASSWORD PROTECT MY PAGES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR BREAK MY LINKS, AGAIN!,, are not and will not be seeking registered non-profit organization status and Will Remain
Respectfully, Pamela Mosby-Bronson
75,000 Missing Black Females In Addition To The 1.5 Million Black Men And Boys Unaccounted For Nationwide!
Why Are We Tolerating This?