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75,000 Missing Black Females Nationally!

The Highest Pisstivity

Letter Of Notice: Comcast XFinity

by nytnGayle on 11/04/19

As Of 11/4/2019 PartII: The #xShitnityBoycott

How Dare Comcast Challenge Any Laws, Let Alone A Law Designed To Protect ADOS... While Simultaneously Feeding Us Bullshit "White Savior" Stories... That Is Beyond The Pale Motherfuckers... Way Beyond Acceptable Behavior.

So Stay Tuned, As Word Spreads Among ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) As To How We Can And Will Beat Comcast By Simply Blocking Those Fancy New Ads.

The Word's Quickly Spreading To All Of Your Advertisers: This Holiday Season, Their Ads Will Not Be Viewed By Black Shoppers, If They're Purchased From Comcast.

With All Sincerely, Fuck U Very Much,

Pamela Mosby-Bronson, Founder of Missing Black Females and The African American Independent Public Domain Think Tank

Let xShitnity Know How You Feel

My Response To Fascist Progressive Propaganda

by nytnGayle on 09/02/19

ADOS has marched and died with every group when they needed #US, yet nothing changes for #US. We always care about supporting Liberals/Democrats and yet the following conditions persist in OUR Multi/Tribes Nation:
According to The CDC; Non-Hispanic Black Women are killed at nearly three times the rate of non-Hispanic white women... Black women are up to four times more likely than white women to die during/following Childbirth.
Missing Persons Data: Over 75,000 Missing Black Females Nationally. In spite of the EPIDEMIC, of Missing Females...No mainstream Acknowledgment... 1.5 Million Unaccounted for Black Men and Boys, Where Are They? Possibly In those privatized prisons... We Don't Know.

Let #US not forget, We are expected to put Our Needs On Hold While Politicians Allow Babies To Die With their Nonsense and continue to follow the Liberals further down the hole of demiss for Our People. Our People Who are now left without a unique identity every time the bulltrump media calls US "people of color".

The progressives idea of who should be president is a man who has Black People Removed From His Town Hall So They Can't Ask Questions About ADOS Reparations. Not A Debatable Issue In My View, We Have The Evidence Of Systemic Racist Behaviors By Our Government That Encourages Black GENOCIDE! Yet Bernie doesn't want to talk about it.

Fascist Progressive Propaganda, Misleading, Offensive And As Usual, They Know Everything.
Pamela Mosby-Bronson, Founder Of AAIPD #IamADOS http://www.aaipd.name/

I'm Done With You... I Have Already Moved On

by nytnGayle on 08/22/19

#AAIPD...Think Tank: It Is Done.

They Will Not Easily Concede Thier Lost To Me.
They Fear Surrender And Choose Hell Over Atonement.
I Can Not Help Them, Those Who Curse Themselves... Those Insecure Creatures, That Disgust Me, I'm Done With Them,
All Of Them.

I refuse to allow them to cyberstalk and terrorize me any longer.
I Demand Justice For Me!



They May Have Already Removed The Post (there was only one).

ABOUT: The "Black Word"

by nytnGayle on 07/12/19

 At this time I feel I have said everything I care to say and share  on my personal Social Media... Though I will not be adding new posts to the page, I will however continue to share posts from Fb friends on it's Timeline. 

It is my personal and civic  responsibility as an American Descendant From Slaves, retired from the workforce” ...   use all skills obtained during those years,  of sweat and labor to assist #ADOS  and Others in obtaining the Proper Respect Due #US From Our Faulty Government.   I chose to serve the Internet #Justice4 Missing/Murdered Communities...While Remaining An Independent Entity.

I Serve Missing/Murdered Communities Via;

Missing Black Females:

Missing Black Females Tv:

order of the nyt on youtube   The Champion/Companion Free Internet Ad Agency For: #Justice4 Communities, Missing And Murdered No/Nonprofits


African American Independent Public Domain...Think Tank @ http://www.aaipd.name

 Peace Nytngayle

A new study from GLAAD shows a decline in LGBTQ acceptance among the young.

by nytnGayle on 06/24/19

I'm not going to get into the psychology of why this is happening, I'm not qualified... I just know you can't blame everything on #ppman.

As an individual born not giving a damn about who, what and when grown folks screw with mutual consent, I didn't have to be convinced into acceptance/loving the community.   Common Sense tells there Is so much more than sex to determining one's gender identification.

Having clarified myself, now I must point out the number of times the LBGTQ community has called out African American Men, Publicly Chastised Them And Beat Them Down... Effectively Strip Some Of Their Manhood... Callously Attacking, When You Know Some Of Them Will Lash Out And Hurt The Nearest Woman or Child.

We All Know The Recipe For Bullies..The Oppressed Often Becomes The Abuser Of The Perceived Weaker Members Of Society... I wish I could think of a single case when the LBGTQ community has offered an opportunity to educate instead of isolating A Black Man, but I can't... At least not in mainstream media, the weapon of choice for The LBGTQ Attack Force.

Bully is never an attractive look and it doesn't win over new converts, at least not the kind you want to support you. Black Men are Endangered and the LBGTQ community is always quick to take away their livelihood and self-respect and do so, loudly over a fucking comment or ten year old more often than not, bad joke. 

So tell me when was the last time the LBGTQ Community Stood Up For The Sista's Huh? We hold the uncomfortable position of being the most murdered individuals in the nation... The Systemic Racism Practiced In this Country Makes Us the Biggest Loser In The "Genocide"...So you see if the community's popularity has dropped some, there may be legitimate reasons in certain communities. Not blaming LBGTQ for the "GENOCIDE". Just Saying Y 'all Aint About Helping Anybody But Yourselves.. while daring the rest of US to enjoy what's left of free speech in the United States.

 Peace, nytnGayle ????? #AAIPD ?????

There Are Times When Petty Demands Attention

by nytnGayle on 06/20/19

So far the only network to block 

from using their youtube videos in #Justice4 Playlists is THIS ONE .  Shared and Moving On 

EIG owns Homestead.com, a hosting site with no client security at all... at least not in the case of www.aaipd.name which is hosted there along with www.FamTree.name, which hosts Missing Black Females.
Missing Black Females email were circumvented there, which was also purchased through, You guessed it... Homestead I find the company so untrustworthy that I record any conversation I have with any of the company's reps... That's bad... They Owe Me Money That's The Reason I Stay... They Want My Websites Gone. Complaints aplenty and has been for years

ooooh google

by nytnGayle on 06/19/19


by nytnGayle on 06/19/19

If the Democratic Party Cared The Following Statistics Would Be Different... So Don't Try That Bulltrump With Me... Immigration is Just The Fair Haired Boy Of The Day...Dems Don't Care About Any Non Corporate Group,  White, Non-White Or Poor. I Know this for certain.
I've contacted The Party And Requested Specific Language On The National Platform Addressing Africa America's Plight...The Result of Contact... Democrats Lead The Charge On Cyberbullying Me... I Was A Democrat for 44 years...Have Never Voted For Another Party's Candidate and they offered me, their collective/disrespectful ass to kiss.  
Democrats Cyberbullied Me And Many Others Via ...Mainstream News... Telling Other Democrats That People Like Me Are Russian Bots... Not Really Black... Just Want Money Via HR40... What's Wrong With Wanting Compensation?
But The Attacks On My Email... Personal...Having my personal email address spammed...Stripping my voting rights... Personal...I have receipts...they wanted me to know it was them.

The Democrats Are Filthy From The Top Down and If U Vote For Them And Ur Black...And U Know the Truth... Ur Pathetic.

STATS ?????There Are Nearly 75,000 Missing Black Females, Nationally And The DNC's So What Response Will Cost Them In 2020

CDC: Black women experience the highest rates of homicide of any racial group in the United States

Being Called Auntie is a sign of respect...

by nytnGayle on 06/18/19

When I practiced Nursing in Phoenix Arizona... Many of the Younger Mexican American Woman called me

"Mommy"...they were friendly... performed their jobs with pride...Respectful. One day the unit's nurse manager ordered me to tell them "it's unprofessional "stop it now"... somebody from night shift had complained... Of course, I ignored her tired ass... Insulting people who are GOOD TO ME... "Aint My Thing". Especially when the white folks in charge were giving me their asses to kiss.

Phoenix is among the most Overtly Racist Holes, I've Ever Lived In...The Only Place I've Worked, Where I Was Physically Threatened.  Those Are The Kinds Of People Being Played To When Kings Or Queens Say Dumb Shit Like "Don't Call Me Auntie" or "I Had The Interview Edited To Protect Her".

Yet, people like Ms. Winfrey appear comfortable telling us who to vote for and how to live our lives... Remember, she gave the world that charlatan, Dr Phil... Whom, I hold responsible for the Disappearance of an African American Teenage Girl...but she has no apparent problem with the "Bill Cosby" public scolding of  US.   This time for showing respect in a manner not agreeable to her... How dare young gifted and Black honor her with affection/respect in a manner They are comfortable with.

As you have probably heard by now, Ms. Winfrey is cool being called "Auntie" as an endearment... coming from other related cultures.   Next Time She's On The Continent... Can Africans Be Convinced To Adopt "Shut The Fuck Up" As A Temporary Term Of Endearment?   No, of course not, that would be wrong because she treats Africans respectfully, as she should, as We all should.

PETTY At The Highest Level Of Pettiness...We accept it because they give away money and advice as if they are Aunties... Play On Our Emotions When They Want Us To Vote For Their Candidate...An Excellent Candidate... That Last Time...A Candidate Who Won...But She's Not Getting The Support She Needs To Assume The Governorship She Earned... Oh Please, Insult Us Whenever You Wish... And Spare Us Your Bulltrump Next Time You Want Us At The Polls.

When My Sister Queens Trash Ms. Winfrey, I Always Run To Defend her(not that she needs/deserves it)... As for the other woman with a problem with being called Auntie, I'll Respect That As Long As They Don't Come Off Like An Auntie, and tell me Who to vote for.

#SAYHERNAME ...The Cost Of Being A Poor Disabled Woman In America

#?????#MBFs #AAIPD????????

Really, WTF

by nytnGayle on 05/15/19

#AAIPD: Calling It Out, SNL

Lorne Michaels and NBC did it again...I don't take comedy seriously but some subjects  U just can't make funny...An African American Women being brutalized by anyone, white woman or otherwise is just plain offensive. Especially now when statistical evidence proves    African American Women Are An "UnRecognized Endangered Constituency".
With Nearly 75,000 Missing and Ignored By mainstream media, here in the US, an Epidemic. Plus the Fact that Black Women are three to four times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than white women...One would think the writers would cut US a break.
According to the CDC: Black Women experience the highest rates of homicide of any racial group in the United States....yet the beat goes on. 
Yucky, Yuck Motherfuckers

Big Fail nbc

by nytnGayle on 05/15/19

#AAIPD: Calling It Out, SVU
I watched it, In My Humble Opinion:
Way too much going on, it's as if the writers wanted to tell a bunch of angry stories at once...Just like real life.

Afraid to be called Anti-Semite and not the least bit concerned about being called Anti-Muslim,  the writers made the Victim a Liar...Nor was this crap the least bit empowering for Women.

In a free society, whether or not an individual is a victim or criminal can not be determined by ethnicity or the religion they practice... that part worked...but in this case the end telegraphed itself...I didn't like it...What is NBC thinking?
Big Fail NBC

NytnGayle Consumer Report: Walmart Online Shopping 2019

by nytnGayle on 05/14/19

We all know the political side of the Walmart Klan by now, so I’ll skip that. We also know that the products we purchase from Wally are built to die young, so I’ll skip that part too.  For now I will stick with reasonably priced, everyday products that have worked well for me.


Hyper Tough 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Drill
Price When Purchased:
Thumbs Up...easy to use and store.

Great Value Pure Cane Sugar, 25 lb.
Price When Purchased:
Thumbs Up...If U live in an area with a sugar tax, U can buy and split 5 ways...real cane sugar/not beet sugar...why spend a lot of money on sugar?

ScentSationals Sienna Full-Size Himalayan Salt Wax Warmer
Price When Purchased:
Thumbs Up...Ambiance Lighting

*BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Anti-Drip Compact Steam Iron, Green, IR02V
Price When Purchased:
Thumbs Up...Light Weight...Heats Quickly...No Drip

Mainstays 27" Oscillating Tower 3-Speed Fan, Model #FZ10-10NW, White
Price When Purchased: 
Thumbs Up...Perfect for the in between heater and air conditioning season


*WARNING proposition 65: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

No Comments Allowed

by nytnGayle on 05/11/19

When U Censor a Powerless 64-year-old, Disabled African American Female Who Is Telling The Truth...U Have Too Much Power.

AM Joy of msnbc was live on Fb....and my every attempt to comment on her Fb Live failed... As Usual.  I guess she's tired of my attempts to turn the subject of the nearly 75,000 Missing African American Females into a viable topic when she's taking questions...only thing she seems to care about anymore is #ppman...I get it...but damn, that's cold.

msnbc and the democrats should be ashamed of themselves, refusing to help Black Women...Women, Who Consistently Vote In The party's Favor... I know I'm ashamed of them.
Also there is this...they took away My Voting Rights and Called Me A Bot...I guess I complained too much...further proof of party corruption....

DNC Ain't Shit

by nytnGayle on 05/07/19

Really, I'll make this quick...I directly appealed to the DNC..requested the Democratic Platform includes specific language recognizing the #Extreme Situation in Our Communities regarding Missing Black Females...I even conversed with a gentleman from Kieth Ellison's office...IGNORED COMPLETELY...I did this...www.aaipd.name/DemoCraps.html
I was no longer ignored...The stifling began, which included the recent revoking of my voting right.
1. I was legally registered to vote for 45 years...I have the documentation...my county sent me 2 copies.
2. I was a Democrat for 44 years...2018, I registered as an unaffiliated voter.
#AAIPD Fact: The Dems R Corrupt, Fascist Hypocrites Who Punish Their Own For Not Towing The Line...
#4GetDems2020 #NotABot

Do U Work 4 Barrows...either way ur not that bright

by nytnGayle on 05/06/19


A Valley couple is speaking out after posting a video on social media...I commented.
This happened...

Everywhere I go they reach out and try me...this is harassment plain and simple.

Pamela Mosby-Bronson 3 days ago

Shocked the hospital's administrators weren't able to cover up the incident...Willing to bet they tried...Maybe that's why they posted the video.


Joann Somers 3 days ago

Your interpretation is wrong.  The baby was NOT dropped.  It was placed quickly onto the warmer which cannot cause cranial injury. Lawsuits are responsible for high hospital expenses. Frivolous lawsuits harm everyone except lawyers.? 


Pamela Mosby-Bronson 3 days ago

@Joann Somers Lol @ you...do you work for Barrows?  You come across as some ridiculous privileged individual who accepts alternative facts as truth.  
Hospital cost is inflated for the following reasons: 1. Insurance Companies 2.  Pharmaceutical Companies 3. Hospital administrators million plus salaries



Joann Somers 2 days ago

Pamela Mosby-Bronson I am an OB/Gyn with 35 yrs of experience. I realize that’s hard for you to accept. Your assessment has no merit? 


Pamela Mosby-Bronson 2 days ago

I don't engage cyberbullies please go away



Joann Somers 2 days ago

Pamela Mosby-Bronson and your an envious , ignorant person?


Fact: In an effort to frighten me BNI Administrators placed my life in danger, they had me cyber-stalked... As long as my personal information/addresses are made available to anyone who googles my name...Any opportunity to fully publicize #AAIPD, I have to pass on...#4Now...Because of BNI Administrators… I can't get into my twitter accounts…they're a mess because I caught them "In A Lie" and challenged them on twitter from my NytnGayle Consumer Press twitter account…back in 2010...my entire lifestyle has been altered because of them. #ThisMatterNeedsAttention



Ramadan Kareem to all the Muslims of the universe

by nytnGayle on 05/06/19

Ramadan Kareem to all the Muslims of the universe

Ramadan 2019
begins Monday, May 6
ends Monday, June 3

& She Said 2Them..."I am a nytnGayle, II of V"

by nytnGayle on 04/28/19

& She Said 2Them..."I am nytnGayle II of V"

Sometimes I say unexpected things to get your attention, it's a ConAd technique.  Shoddy retailers use it all the time. #4Xample: Outlandish Statement...Bait...Subject Changed...Switch.
We have all been the victims of bait and switch, there's no shame for that.  We All Know The Bait/Switch Mentality has permeated Our Politics, Our Schools, Our Entertainment, Our Daily Lives...We have a "Collective/Expected/Accepted Normalcy" about it.  But...
Re: 45, We Got What We Bargained For, No Bait, No Switch, Alrighty. 

I have No Affiliation with either Dems or Republicans, both are inherently corrupt.  Neither party wants to see that  "Illegal Electoral College" taken out of play.
My Observation: If slavery is prohibited by federal law wouldn't any laws created with the expressed-concept of slavery being legally viable also be subject to elimination...huh?  

#Common #Sense #AAIPD #ISL #SlaveLaw #Alrighty

I Has Inner Harmony... II Is Decidedly Free... III Is Of Her & Grain... IV Will Show When Ready...V WILL BE CALLED PEACE... #Aquarius 

#4GetDems In 2020

by nytnGayle on 04/13/19

Love, Prosperity, and Peace to Congresswoman Omar:
Who has been constantly bullied by both the wicked right and the lofty left?  Check it out for yourself…She is the “person of choice” the mob has have agreed to “Let’s Get Her”.     Whenever she speaks, her words are twisted, and her intent challenged.   Why?
Under their current, and I use this word loosely, “leadership” both major political parties are faltering.   So, they waste Our time by acting out daily dramas to distract from their actual governing.    We know both the Dems and the Republicans govern for the rich.   Both parties are led by notorious bullies who will never tolerate a challenge to the status quo that keep their deep pocket supporters happy. 
I'm especially offended by and ashamed of my former political party, the Democrats?   Get this, the Russians didn’t steal the election, the Democrats gave it to them.   When the Dems had the House and the Senate, they kept the Electoral College intact out of fear they might someday need “the slave law”.   What a waste of space the Dems are, pretending to care about something other than their personal enrichment.   #4GetDems In 2020.


Facts Don't Lie, Opinions Do

by nytnGayle on 03/26/19

Collusion Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

No, I'm not talking about the president and the Mueller Report, everything ain't about him, his lowly cast of misfits and Russia.  He doesn't know this, but We actually had lives pre-45, when the News wasn't always BREAKING and always about him.  Remember when We stopped in our tracks when We heard "Breaking News", it seem's so long ago when the term actually meant something.   
Long ago, before the "Kardashian Affect" became the USA's dominant face to the the world,  We Americans lost trust for mainstream News agencies.   Truthfully, Black Communities never trusted mainstream News agencies because they always lied about Us and against Us.  Fortunately, U can usually find at least one Black Newspapers in most cities... Which is why, when I have an issue with corporations, I create my own News Platform.
What does that have to do with collusion U ask...
I'll give U "Just The Provable Facts" In the immediately following blog post, that will explain everything.

Collusion Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

by nytnGayle on 03/26/19

"Just The Provable Facts" 

I. 2006/2007 I had Homestead.com build me a music streaming video store, I called it "Black In The Booth"... I promised independent music artists 75 cents for each one of their downloads the store sold...a 25/75 split...mpg3 was new on the scene and so was I...my ego took a bruising when I couldn't make it work... just business at the end of the day.

II. nytngayle.com a personal website hosted at Homestead.com email was circumvented by a cyber company named Cyveillance Inc...This happened a long time ago, in 2010... I blamed myself because I responded to a tweet my former employer sent out in which it was implied they knew the definition of Dignity. They complained and twitter locked me out of NytnGayle, I still post via Facebook but I haven't had direct access to the page in years so I can't update the profile or change the art.

2. mosby-bronson.net aka famtree.name a personal and unlisted website was violated by a company by the name of Palo Alto Networks...This occurred in 2018... Same former employer complained  to twitter and this time I was locked out of Missing Black Females and twitter runs ads on the page and refuses to give it back to me... fortunately it's connected to a free newspaper site... Paper.li and runs stories about Missing People and Human Trafficking Issues.

Peace Nytngayle #8626