The Highest Pisstivity
75,000 Missing Black Females Nationally!

The Highest Pisstivity

Update 4 #OkBoomer: GAMEOVERBITCH

by NytnGayle on 12/23/19

Mark Zuckerberg, Your Business Decision To Allow Human Traffickers Access To #End2EndEncryption On facebook Or Any SocialMedia Platform Is To The Detriment Of Children #WORLDWIDE ... And You Know It And You Just Don't Give A Shit.

We Will Start Here...How Many #JeffreyEpstein's Are Online This Minute? Parents, Do U Know... No, U Don't Know And Law Enforcement Can't Find Out Because Of... #HereWeGoAgain... It's Termed "End-To-End Encryption".

PARENTS And GRANDparents U Must Take A More ROBUSTApproach To Internet Safty And #OurChildren... Look Up "End-To-End Encryption"... Please Use Ur Phones To Educate Yourself About This Very Important Problem.

#MissingBlackFemales, Has Been Educating Or Trying To Educate On This And Other #InternetDangers Since May 2018 And The Posts Are Often Blocked For Whatever Reason. It Doesn't Matter... There Are #MissingPerson And #EndHumanTrafficking Advocacy Worldwide... This #ShouldBeViral!

Who Actually Recalls Social Media Being An Advocate For Privacy, Name Any Other Instance?
Where Is The #BusinessLogic In The Decision To Suddenly Allow A Feature That's Proven To Be Detrimental To Adults And Children On Any Social Media Platform? Especially One Owned And Operated By A Proven Traitor?

Keep In Mind, facebook Isn't In A Financial Struggle? And So Fucking What If It Was, It's Still An #UnFucking4Givable Business Decision... It Can Not And Will Not Be Normalized By Anyone Who Is Not A #LameMotherfucker As Well.

#FuckUrPrivacy, Children Are Being Stolen, Raped And Murdered.

Back To The Task At Hand (the weird bitch):
Anyway, Mark Zuckerberg, According To The #GOOGLYEyedBitch You Are A Sociopath, I Looked It Up:

Question: What are the traits of a sociopath?
The Answer, As Follows:

Glibness and Superficial Charm. *(You Always See Him Laughing And Shaking Hands With #WorldLeaders, They Like The #WeirdBitch)
Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. ...
Grandiose Sense of Self. ...
Pathological Lying. ...
Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. ... **(#MarkZuckerbergIsATraitor)
Shallow Emotions. ...
Incapacity for Love.
Need for Stimulation.

#NOTE: When It Walks Like A Duck And It Quacks Like A Duck, Mate's With Other Ducks And Makes Ducklings... It's A Motherfucking DUCK!

75,000 #MissingBlackFemales Nationwide, That We Know Of. How Many Are facebook Responsible For?

Top10 States For Reported Human Trafficking Cases: California, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Washington And New Jersey

*Me **MeAgain NytnGayle

Letter Of Notice: Comcast XFinity

by NytnGayle on 11/04/19

As Of 11/4/2019 PartII: The #xShitnityBoycott

How Dare Comcast Challenge Any Laws, Let Alone A Law Designed To Protect ADOS... While Simultaneously Feeding Us Bullshit "White Savior" Stories... That Is Beyond The Pale Motherfuckers... Way Beyond Acceptable Behavior.

So Stay Tuned, As Word Spreads Among ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) As To How We Can And Will Beat Comcast By Simply Blocking Those Fancy New Ads.

The Word's Quickly Spreading To All Of Your Advertisers: This Holiday Season, Their Ads Will Not Be Viewed By Black Shoppers, If They're Purchased From Comcast.

With All Sincerely, Fuck U Very Much,

Pamela Mosby-Bronson, Founder of Missing Black Females and The African American Independent Public Domain Think Tank

Let xShitnity Know How You Feel

My Response To Fascist Progressive Propaganda

by NytnGayle on 09/02/19

ADOS has marched and died with every group when they needed #US, yet nothing changes for #US. We always care about supporting Liberals/Democrats and yet the following conditions persist in OUR Multi/Tribes Nation:
According to The CDC; Non-Hispanic Black Women are killed at nearly three times the rate of non-Hispanic white women... Black women are up to four times more likely than white women to die during/following Childbirth.
Missing Persons Data: Over 75,000 Missing Black Females Nationally. In spite of the EPIDEMIC, of Missing Females...No mainstream Acknowledgment... 1.5 Million Unaccounted for Black Men and Boys, Where Are They? Possibly In those privatized prisons... We Don't Know.

Let #US not forget, We are expected to put Our Needs On Hold While Politicians Allow Babies To Die With their Nonsense and continue to follow the Liberals further down the hole of demiss for Our People. Our People Who are now left without a unique identity every time the bulltrump media calls US "people of color".

The progressives idea of who should be president is a man who has Black People Removed From His Town Hall So They Can't Ask Questions About ADOS Reparations. Not A Debatable Issue In My View, We Have The Evidence Of Systemic Racist Behaviors By Our Government That Encourages Black GENOCIDE! Yet Bernie doesn't want to talk about it.

Fascist Progressive Propaganda, Misleading, Offensive And As Usual, They Know Everything.
Pamela Mosby-Bronson, Founder Of AAIPD #IamADOS http://www.aaipd.name/

I'm Done With You... I Have Already Moved On

by NytnGayle on 08/22/19

#AAIPD...Think Tank: It Is Done.

They Will Not Easily Concede Thier Lost To Me.
They Fear Surrender And Choose Hell Over Atonement.
I Can Not Help Them, Those Who Curse Themselves... Those Insecure Creatures, That Disgust Me, I'm Done With Them,
All Of Them.

I refuse to allow them to cyberstalk and terrorize me any longer.
I Demand Justice For Me!



They May Have Already Removed The Post (there was only one).

ABOUT: The "Black Word"

by NytnGayle on 07/12/19

 At this time I feel I have said everything I care to say and share  on my personal Social Media... Though I will not be adding new posts to the page accept as advertisement, I will however continue to share posts from Fb friends on it's Timeline. 

It is my personal and civic  responsibility as an American Descendant From Slaves, retired from the workforce” ...   use all skills obtained during those years,  of sweat and labor to assist #ADOS  and Others in obtaining the Proper Respect Due #US From Our Faulty Government.   I chose to serve the Internet #Justice4 Missing/Murdered Communities...While Remaining An Independent Entity.

I Serve Missing/Murdered Communities Via;

Missing Black Females:

Missing Black Females Tv:

order of the nyt on youtube   The Champion/Companion Free Internet Ad Agency For: #Justice4 Communities, Missing And Murdered No/Nonprofits


African American Independent Public Domain...Think Tank @ http://www.aaipd.name

 Peace Nytngayle